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Rack Effects

Rack Effects

During the beginning of the recording process for the Dreams To Reality project, I enjoyed a few days of miking a cranked up overdriven amp. Since the homes in the neighborhood we lived in at the time were only 10 feet apart, I ran into a slight problem with the neighbors. When the deputy sheriff showed, up I knew I had to make some slight changes.

I tried a few of my guitar rack processors and also experimented with miking a speaker cabinet placed in a box in the bathtub in the adjacent bathroom covered with foam and blankets. It worked out well considering no arrests were made in the recording of the project and I was now able to record guitar parts late into the night if needed.

The Digitech 2101 Artist Stereo Effects Processor proved to be essential as did the Yamaha AG Stomp Acoustic Guitar Processor. Other acoustic guitar tracks were successfully DI’d, (direct Input) using the Trace Elliot TA-100R Acoustic Guitar Amp.

Our New home however happens to have a large empty lot on the studio side of the house and a custom built ‘amp closet’! I’ll definitely be moving some air while recording the next project.


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